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Welcome to Heal Da World Charity Lottery

A charity lottery were every participant is a winner. If you don't win the raffle draw, you have definitely won by contributing towards helping those in need. We all win in the end.

How it works

Once a ticket is purchased, a unique lottery number will be generated and sent to lottery player’s phone number or email depending on what he or she registered with. This number will then be used to identify the lottery winner at the end of each lottery session through raffle draw. Any player is allowed to buy as many tickets as he or she wishes to buy in order to increase their chances of winning as long as they can afford it.

Why we standout

Here is why we will stand out from the rest; For every ticket purchased, half of the ticket money will be channeled into charitable works like; paying hospital bills for the less privileged, providing food for the needy, sinking boreholes where needed, providing scholarships for underprivileged kids, build hospitals and houses for the needy where needed and many more charitable acts. For instant; For each #1(One Naira) ticket bought, 50Kobo will be used Charity and the other 45kobo will be channeled towards raffle draw after deducting 5% (5kobo) that will be used for the upkeep of the project like; paying staff, printing tickets, maintaining and upgrading the platform and other expenses. Assuming in a weekly lottery session, 1,000,000 tickets were sold at #1(one naira) per ticket which leaves the total amount of ticket sold at #1,000,000. Given that half the amount of each ticket sold goes towards charity, that means #500.000 will go to charity and will be used for charitable purpose while #450,000 will be the raffle draw winning prize assuming that #50,000(5% of 1,000,000) is used for the upkeep of the project which includes payment of staff and other expenses. We can then decide to have one lottery/raffle draw winner of the #450,000 prize or 3 winners  each winning #150,000 each or 9 winners winning #50,000 each. Any of which sums up to the #450,000 raffle price. The main purpose of this raffle draw is to entice us to help ourselves, none of the players ever loses as anyone that plays is already a winner for contributing towards a charitable course.

The Raffle Draw

At the end of every lottery session, a raffle draw will be conducted Live on;  tv, youtube, instagram, twitter etc. Thats how the raffle draw winners will know if they have won. The winning ticket numbers will also be posted on this platform and all our social media handles at the end of each raffle draw. Here, a lady will be seen on live tv selecting balls with numbers written on them at Random till it completes the ticket number of an unsuspecting winner. This will be repeated as man times as needed to get the predetermined number of winners. Lottery winners have one week to claim their win by contacting us with the phone number or email address to which the winning ticket was sent.

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